Since 2009, the State Bureau of Investigation lab has come under fire for the manner in which its analysts recorded lab results and testified to these results at trial, leading to unjust imprisonment in multiple cases.

It is imperative that defense attorneys better understand the science behind the tests that are being conducted at crime scenes and in crime labs. Without a sound scientific understanding, it is nearly impossible to discredit or call in to question the results of a test that has been conducted by the SBI lab, local law enforcement or any other lab.

This Webinar series covers some of the most commonly encountered tests and results and offers guidance on reading lab reports, understanding the procedures used, and identifying problems with the testing or reporting.
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November 16, 2011 12:30 PM Eastern
1 hour, 30 minutes
Serology Evidence (Blood, Saliva, Semen, etc.)
Challenging serology evidence begins with understanding what procedures are used to collect evidence at the crime scene and includes knowing what tests are available and how they are used. Topics include: 
  • Crime scene investigation and bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Techniques used in examining serology evidence (presumptive and confirmatory tests)
  • Reading lab reports
  • How the use of DNA analysis has impacted serology evidence

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Marilyn T. Miller   [ view bio ]
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North Carolina State Bar
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