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April 23, 2021 8:25 AM Eastern
7:25 AM Central, 6:25 AM Mountain, 5:25 AM Pacific
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6 hours, 53 minutes
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9 days, 1 hour
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Duty to Investigate
The History of The Death Penalty in North Carolina - Battles of the Past, Present and Future
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Terry Alford  [ view bio ]
15 Min Break
Racism and the Death Penalty
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Tonza Ruffin  [ view bio ]
Felony-Murder and the Death Penalty
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Jay Ferguson  [ view bio ]
Age and the Death Penalty
Speaker Information
David Andrews  [ view bio ]
30 Min Break
The Evolving ID Claim
Speaker Information
Lisa Miles  [ view bio ]
Mental Illness and TBI Used for Diminished Capacity, Insanity, and Mitigation. What About as an Exclusion of the Death Penalty?
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David Botchin  [ view bio ]
Dr. George Corvin   [ view bio ]
Kristin Parks  [ view bio ]
Preserving the Record
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Andrew Desimone  [ view bio ]
What Makes a Capital Trial Different?
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Henderson Hill  [ view bio ]
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