Do you represent clients applying for Social Security disability benefits? Have you ever wondered how your preparation of a claim at one level of the process impacts the adjudication of the claim at the next level? Have you ever thought about how the questions you ask of the claimant and vocational expert at a hearing may impact the development of the claim at the Appeals Council and federal court levels? For many disability attorneys, the answer to these questions may be “no.” In the age of specialization, it is common for attorneys to handle certain aspects of a disability claim but not the entire claim. The unintended consequence of this specialization is the lack of a cohesive case strategy throughout the life of the claim. This seminar examines how to develop a consistent claim from initial application through federal court, paying particular attention to the interconnection of vocational factors from one stage to the next. The development of a cohesive case strategy throughout the life of the claim or between the hearing and Appeals Council attorney and the federal court attorney may be the difference between your client being approved or denied for benefits.

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May 14, 2021 8:55 AM Eastern
7:55 AM Central, 6:55 AM Mountain, 5:55 AM Pacific
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7 hours, 35 minutes
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Social Security Disability: Winning Strategies
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Charles F. Hall, IV  [ view bio ]
Claim and Record Development in a Reduced Backlog World
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Susan O'Malley  [ view bio ]
Categories of Evidence
Ethical Obligations at Hearings
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Christine Burnside  [ view bio ]
How to Overcome Unconscious Bias
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Quentin Sanders  [ view bio ]
Appeals Council
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Amelia Patton  [ view bio ]
Federal Court
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George Piemonte  [ view bio ]
Ethical Obligations - Appeals Council and Federal Court
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Derrick Arrowood  [ view bio ]
Attorney Roundtable – Hypothetical Fact Patterns
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Jonathan Biser  [ view bio ]
Holly Fairbairn  [ view bio ]
Rachel Pickart  [ view bio ]
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