Improve your advocacy skills with this annual program taught by the masters. This year, focus on how to be resilient, enhance your advocacy with technology, and simplify your case for better results. Learn what to expect from Zoom trials and focus groups and hear what makes an effective advocate from the view of the bench.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 16, 2020
Focus Groups and Trial by Zoom: Current State, Best Use, and Beware
Simplifying the Complex for Good Results
Better Advocacy through Technology
Resilience for Trial Lawyers
View from the Bench - The Effective Advocate
Wake Up! It's Time for a Lawyers Mutual Civ Pro Pop Quiz!
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North Carolina State Bar
General Hours: 5.00
Ethics: 1.00
Newly Licensed NC Attorneys: $99.00
NCAJ LAD Member: $140.00
NCAJ Public Service Member: $185.00
NCAJ Member: $290.00
Non-Member: $390.00